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Jennifer Aniston Caught In the Act

English: Actress Jennifer Aniston at the Londo...

Actress Jennifer Aniston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A recent YouTube video has caught Jennifer Aniston in the act…. the act of what she’s really like when she doesn’t think the cameras are on.

Really, this is a commercial for Smartwater, but it’s funny as hell. We look at someone’s life from afar and think what it must really be like. She seems so glamorous. So beautiful. So perfect. Is there anyone else in your life you think that way about? Continue reading



Top 10 Toy Train Videos on YouTube

Great Northern Railroad toy train Pullman car

Great Northern Railroad toy train Pullman car (Photo credit: Minnesota Historical Society)

Two straight weekends stuck inside while the weather outside is beautiful. Bitter? Who me? You betcha!

The Croup continues to rule the roost. Now the second one is down for the count. As a mom, I’m supposed to be self-sacrificing, only thinking of my little one. But as some point, you gotta stare karma in the face and ask, “Really?” When are these kids going to be well?

As I gaze out at the sunny weather, dreaming of enjoying a cool crisp day, I get the overwhelming enjoyment of a pissed-off preschooler whose only respite are YouTube videos of trains.

And so, I offer you the top 10 YouTube videos of trains to bookmark next time you have an ornery child on your hands. After all, we all need a mental break. And if the computer gives you even 15 minutes of sanity, then it’s worth it! Continue reading

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I Am a Corporate Widow

We all know the joke about being a golf widow where husbands disappear for the weekend — all day Saturday and Sunday — as they hit the greens. But there’s a new genre of women out there — one that has yet to be truly defined because no one wants to admit it. It’s called the corporate widow.

For years people referred to the corporate wife. The husband would go to work, and the wife would stay home or head off to her own job, all while taking care of the house, joyfully washing the laundry and cooking a lovely meal. Perhaps she would even sing a lovely tune as the birds joined in just like a real-life Cinderella (minus the kitten heels because no matter how good they look, they hurt like a mother). June Cleaver knew how to take care of her husband and her boys while being perfectly coiffed. Continue reading

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The Croup Sounds Like a Rock Band, Not a Virus

Ladies and Gentlemen. I proudly introduce… The Croup [crowds screams wildly with excitement] performing their newest single Barking Seal!

But every parent knows The Croup, even though it may sound like the name of a rock band, is a terrible virus that knocks out kids. Those fevers may sneak up, but hearing the seal-like barking cough in the middle of the night can make any parent cringe for the inevitable. Continue reading

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Staple Guns Should Be An Approved Parenting Tool

Staple guns should be an approved parenting tool. We’re allowed to use cribs lined with jail bars to keep kids in bed. We use locked gates to keep the little ones from going where we don’t want them to go. We cover door handles with plastic contraptions to keep them inside. So why not implement staple guns? Continue reading

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Screw You, Mom

Children have a hysterical way of describing things. But no two ways about it, whatever words leave their mouths when they’re exceptionally mad, they are essentially saying, “Screw you, Mom.”

I wasn’t expecting nor prepared for the first mouthing off I got. It was like being pistol whipped. Except I needed to turn away from laughing my ass off. Continue reading

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Welcome to Kindergarten, Buddy

School Bus_HDR2

Discussions of the impending start to kindergarten has brought tears to many a mother’s eye. I’ve heard friends say things like — “I just know I’m going to cry when he gets on the bus” or “I’m so sad my little girl has grown up so fast. Where has the time gone?”

Honestly, I had an advent calendar counting down the days until I could get Vman out of my house and back to school. Yes, he is entering kindergarten. But he’s also been attending preschool and pre-K for the last years so I’m used to him being out of the house. I’m also used to having the ability to actually get things done while he’s off having a great time with his friends and learning lots of things I could never pull together myself. So none of this mumbo jumbo sentiment about my “baby” leaving the nest. Continue reading