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Top 10 Toy Train Videos on YouTube


Great Northern Railroad toy train Pullman car

Great Northern Railroad toy train Pullman car (Photo credit: Minnesota Historical Society)

Two straight weekends stuck inside while the weather outside is beautiful. Bitter? Who me? You betcha!

The Croup continues to rule the roost. Now the second one is down for the count. As a mom, I’m supposed to be self-sacrificing, only thinking of my little one. But as some point, you gotta stare karma in the face and ask, “Really?” When are these kids going to be well?

As I gaze out at the sunny weather, dreaming of enjoying a cool crisp day, I get the overwhelming enjoyment of a pissed-off preschooler whose only respite are YouTube videos of trains.

And so, I offer you the top 10 YouTube videos of trains to bookmark next time you have an ornery child on your hands. After all, we all need a mental break. And if the computer gives you even 15 minutes of sanity, then it’s worth it!

Best 10 Train YouTube Videos for Children

–Voted and Approved by a 6 and 3 Year Old–

1. Talgo vs. Superliner: By far this video is my kids’ favorite production. With dancing music as its background, two electric trains race through an extensive and impressively long track. Vote for who’s going to win. I can honestly say we’ve watched this more than 100 times.

2. Trainz Carz Get Stuck: Cheesy synthesizer music. Simulated trains. Potential crashes. What’s there not to love?

3. Lego Train on Long Curves: Watch this electron lego train run the curves. Feel like you’re actually riding on the train as well as riding in front of it.


4. Too Much Thomas: The story of a kid who started with one simple train set that ballooned into Australia’s biggest Thomas the Tank Engine display.

5. The Tomica World Show: This is an advertisement for Tomica, plain and simple. And the production level doesn’t exactly match a professional train company. But my kids can’t get enough.

6. Thomas The Tank Engine’s Spencer Takes the Train Tracks: Cool electronic music. Obviously created by kids which my kiddos love.

7. Great Western Lego Train Show IV: Fun upbeat music. Busy Lego electric trains moving fast. Makes me want to dance.

8. 20 Tomy Tomica Trains Running at the Same Time: The title says it all.

9. Intro to Japanese SuperTrains: This is actually a promo for Super Trains that are available but is so cool, even I could watch this video multiple times.

10. Accidents Will Happen: Kids love watching crashes, bashes and accidents. This simulated cartoon shows all of the “bloopers” any kiddo could want. Plus the Thomas song “Accidents Will Happen!”


Author: muddymonkeysmama

I’m the mama of two muddy monkeys. Leave it to my 6yo and 4yo to keep me on my toes. Through their craziness, sweetness and undeniable inexhaustible energy, they are teaching me as much about being a person as they are about being a parent.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Toy Train Videos on YouTube

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    • Thanks for the Ping. We use trains in so many ways in our household — from figuring out how to build more complicated tracks to sharing between brothers to playing out social situations. Trains are an integral part of our day. And now that they are becoming computer savvy, they are even finding train videos on YouTube (goodness help me!).

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