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Jennifer Aniston Caught In the Act

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English: Actress Jennifer Aniston at the Londo...

Actress Jennifer Aniston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A recent YouTube video has caught Jennifer Aniston in the act…. the act of what she’s really like when she doesn’t think the cameras are on.

Really, this is a commercial for Smartwater, but it’s funny as hell. We look at someone’s life from afar and think what it must really be like. She seems so glamorous. So beautiful. So perfect. Is there anyone else in your life you think that way about?

We often look at other moms and think how perfect that person appears. She always has her hair done, dresses neatly for work and is always on time. “How can I feel so frazzled when she seems to have it all under control?” What you don’t see is the fact that she drinks wine every night. She fights with her husband constantly because she resents that she feels like she does all the work. She feels completely frazzled and out of control on the inside, so she presents the perfect looking person on the outside.

So we need to remember to not judge a book by its cover. And, more importantly, not to judge ourselves by the book cover we see on other people. It’s often just a facade, not the actual truth.

As for Jennifer Aniston, I can’t decide if I love the fact that she fills her swimming pool with bottled water or the Rachel haircut was really just a wig. 🙂


Author: muddymonkeysmama

I’m the mama of two muddy monkeys. Leave it to my 6yo and 4yo to keep me on my toes. Through their craziness, sweetness and undeniable inexhaustible energy, they are teaching me as much about being a person as they are about being a parent.

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