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Top 10 Halloween Horror Films To Watch This Halloween

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What is it with horror movies? Nowadays they seem to be all special effects, blood and screaming. Whatever happened to the well-crafted horror film that made the hair stand up on the back of your neck, even days after watching it?
This Halloween, skip the over-the-top and ridiculous horror films and watch real scary masterpieces in action.

Top 10 Scary Movies to Watch This Halloween

Rosemary’s Baby: The ultimate horror film. This movie doesn’t rely on gimmicks, special effects or any other such trickery. This movie creeps you out simply by telling the straightforward story of Rosemary’s Baby.
The Lost Boys: Before vampires were cool, The Lost Boys hit the streets. This movie brought in a whole new peak of 80s hair, swagger, dagger teeth and just plain bad boy sexiness. (Is it a plus or a minus that the dynamic duo team Corey and Corey were at their peak in this movie?)
Interview with the Vampire: Anne Rice rocked the world on its ass with her book Interview with the Vampire. Then Hollywood infused its own energy — Brad PittTom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst. This is about as dreamy a horror film if there ever was one. Watch the movie, then stay up and read the books.
The Sixth Sense: I saw this in the theater opening night before anyone knew about the movie. The audience went crazy from the “big reveal.” If you didn’t know, I see dead people.
Scream: Scream injected a needle-full of adrenaline in the horror genre upon its release in 1996. Campy, even to the point of obviously making fun of itself, Scream smiles all the way to the induced shrieks.
Psycho: Psycho isn’t a classic by accident. Alfred Hitchcock, the mastermind and genius of suspense film, delivers a psycho-thriller keeps you on your seat until the dramatic ending.
Silence of the Lambs: Anthony Hopkins proves that great acting and horror can mix. He infuses his character with such menace that you can’t help root for him and detest him at the same time.
Alien: One of these movies HAD to be big budget and effects, and Aliens is the one. I actually watched these movies over a weekend hanging out with my dad when I was a teenager. Scared the living daylights out of me!
Misery: Plot-driven Misery shows how messed up people can be. Just think about the hobbled scene and you’ll know what I mean.
The Birds: Hitchcock is so good the man made my list twice! He spins something ordinary into downright creepy and plausible. When the black crows migrate through our town, we can literally have hundreds of them cawing and swooping in our back woods. Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

For the full list of Halloween movies I recommend, click here.

MOUTH OFF: Tell me why this list is wrong and what is missing!


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