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Graco Recall: How Did We Ever Live to Adulthood?

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Graco Classic Highchair Recalled

Graco Classic Highchair Recalled (Photo credit: USCPSC)

Graco is recalling its classic wood highchairs after parents reported their children fell from the chairs. Almost 90,00 chairs are being recalled. Now go ask your parents how many products were recalled while you were a child. Bet they couldn’t name a single product. Thanks, Mom. It’s a wonder we actually survived to adulthood.

Admit it, when you were a kid, riding around in that long back seat that held up to eight kids at a time, no one wore seat belts! None of us wore helmets as we rode our bikes around the neighborhood — unsupervised no less! We all had the same wooden high chair that has now reappeared at our in-law’s house.

It’s not that falling children isn’t serious. But sometimes we have to consider the actual risk to the over-reaction of people. Admit it… how many people dropped their babies by accident. I did and was a complete wreck for 24 hours until I realized he was perfectly fine.

Graco received 58 reports of the highchair seats becoming loose or detaching from the base. Only one kid actually suffered a concussion. Everyone else got bumps and scrapes. That 58 out of nearly 90,000 chairs. Sometimes, it’s called common sense. Let’s stop the frenzy and realize the difference between a true threat and giving people notice to tighten up the screws.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get my boys who insist on jumping off the back of the couch.

MOUTH OFF: What kind of safety hazards did you face as a child and manage to survive?


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