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Schooled By Your Kid at Video Games? You’re Not Alone


Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can avoid playing video games in your house all you want. But once your kid enters kindergarten, forget about it! They suddenly come home talking about Sponge Bob, Ninjas, boogers, butts and video games.

All men seem to have visions of helping our little guy learn his first video game. That will last about five minutes and then your son will take over. Now my husband is regularly schooled by my six year old in the ways of the force.

We couldn’t fight it anymore, so we bought the XBox Lego Star Wars game. Recently overheard in our house while playing:

  • A little help here!
  • Follow me.
  • Dad, you’ve got to go OVER the bridge.
  • I know where we need to go.
  • Dad! Come on!
  • Stop killing me.
  • *sigh*

Be prepared, oh Padawan. You, too, will be schooled in the force and all things video games when your little man gets his hands on the XBox controller. At least you can still beat the little bugger in a round of basketball.

Popular XBox Kinect games right now for the 6yo set:


Author: muddymonkeysmama

I’m the mama of two muddy monkeys. Leave it to my 6yo and 4yo to keep me on my toes. Through their craziness, sweetness and undeniable inexhaustible energy, they are teaching me as much about being a person as they are about being a parent.

3 thoughts on “Schooled By Your Kid at Video Games? You’re Not Alone

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    • Thanks for the mention. I do believe that wasting away in front of the television isn’t a good thing. But I played plenty of video games as a kid and learned how deduction, how to work with others as a team, sharing (with my little brother!!!!). And now I watch my husband and son play together and learn some of those same skills. Video games isn’t necessarily about hiding away in one’s room. They can be a wonderful learning mechanism as well.

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