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Identity Crisis

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I’ve been having a serious identity crisis lately. I started blogging as a parent of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder, and  I thought I needed to keep that part of my life separate for some reason. So I created Muddy Monkeys (

But as I’ve been writing more and more, I’ve found myself feeling schizophrenic. The simple fact is that family life is family life,even mixed in with additional challenges. And so, after some soul searching, I’ve decided to integrate my life so that my experience is as authentic as possible. There’s no reason to compartmentalize who I am or who my family is. We just are.

So I will no longer write under Muddy Monkeys but under my original path — The Jenny Evolution ( Please join me there for the full story. And join The Jenny Evolution, because we never stop evolving as parents or as people.


Author: muddymonkeysmama

I’m the mama of two muddy monkeys. Leave it to my 6yo and 4yo to keep me on my toes. Through their craziness, sweetness and undeniable inexhaustible energy, they are teaching me as much about being a person as they are about being a parent.

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