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Hidden Pacifiers Keep Showing Up In My Home!

A pacifier

Pacifiers are a Godsend… until you decide to get rid of them.

Vman was born with a pacifier in his mouth. So when it was time to say goodbye, there were literally more than 40 pacifiers floating about the house.

In the beginning, we would find a stray in the travel diaper bag or behind the bed. As time passed, they appeared less and less.

Three years later, we had completely forgotten them. Pacifiers were just a remnant of a past life. Then Hbomb walked downstairs with a pacifier glued to his mouth.

“Where did you find that?” I demanded. “In your drawer,” he claimed. All I knew was the cease fire we had enjoyed was over.

Hbomb’s much older now so as he slept that night, I grabbed the paci and tossed it in the trash. I’m not proud. But sometimes a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do. In the morning, he didn’t mention the pacifier as if that sucker hadn’t shown its face in our house.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that was truly the last pacifier left in the house. But I’m not placing any bets on it.

MOUTH OFF: Where is the last place you found a pacifier? Or where is the strangest place you discovered one?



Book Nook: The Busy Little Squirrel; Never Trust a Tiger

I have always been a bookworm. But now that I have kids, I spend more time reading with them than I do for myself. This week, the books we enjoyed include:

1. The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri
2.  Never Trust a Tiger: A Story from Korea (Animal Stories)retold by Lari Don, illustrated by Melanie Williamson

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Common Sense To Get Common Sense Media App for FREE

ESRB "Everyone" rating symbol, displ...

Kids have a magical way of discovering new shows before you know it. Last week, my Kindergartener came home talking about Pokemon, The Green Lantern on Cartoon Network and the latest Avenger movie — ALL media outlets too old for him.

Did I check my crystal ball to know it was too old for him? Did I call my psychic? Am I just that smart? Well, yes. I am that smart… because I checked the new app from Common Sense, a non-profit organization.

Common Sense and I go way back to when my son wanted to watch the newest Spider-Man. He had nightmares for a week. That’s when I discovered Common Sense, which tells you what programs are age appropriate, the level of sexual content or violence in the program and lots of other tidbits to help you make decisions as a parent. Now, I just need an app that tells me how many glasses of wine I need to get through another children’s birthday party.

Kids Media - Common Sense Media


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10 Favorite Halloween Flicks for the Family

Grab the popcorn, kids and DVD remote. It’s time to snuggle up under the blankets and settle in for some fun family Halloween movies that will makes your kids smile rather than shriek in horror.

Top 10 Family-Friendly Movies to Watch This Halloween

Addams Family Values
The Addams Family: When long-lost Uncle Fester reappears after twenty-five years in the Bermuda Triangle, Gomez and Morticia plan a celebration to wake the dead. Angelica Houston dazzles in this cast. Continue reading


Top 10 Toy Train Videos on YouTube

Great Northern Railroad toy train Pullman car

Great Northern Railroad toy train Pullman car (Photo credit: Minnesota Historical Society)

Two straight weekends stuck inside while the weather outside is beautiful. Bitter? Who me? You betcha!

The Croup continues to rule the roost. Now the second one is down for the count. As a mom, I’m supposed to be self-sacrificing, only thinking of my little one. But as some point, you gotta stare karma in the face and ask, “Really?” When are these kids going to be well?

As I gaze out at the sunny weather, dreaming of enjoying a cool crisp day, I get the overwhelming enjoyment of a pissed-off preschooler whose only respite are YouTube videos of trains.

And so, I offer you the top 10 YouTube videos of trains to bookmark next time you have an ornery child on your hands. After all, we all need a mental break. And if the computer gives you even 15 minutes of sanity, then it’s worth it! Continue reading

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Screw You, Mom

Children have a hysterical way of describing things. But no two ways about it, whatever words leave their mouths when they’re exceptionally mad, they are essentially saying, “Screw you, Mom.”

I wasn’t expecting nor prepared for the first mouthing off I got. It was like being pistol whipped. Except I needed to turn away from laughing my ass off. Continue reading